Frost on the Pumpkin
Cold October 2, 2003

With the warmth of summer now a distant memory, Fall has shifted into high gear with a sold freeze across Minnesota. Many places, even in urban hot spots, saw lows in the 20's. Despite the cold, few records were set across the state. 1974 was the year to beat in most places. Grand Meadow saw a record low of 18 degrees this morning, breaking the old record of 22 back in 1974. Waseca beat its old record of 19 from 1974 with a low of 17. Rochester dipped down to 19 degrees, breaking the old record of 20 back in 1974 as well. The coldest reading found on October 2nd, 2003 in Minnesota was Embarrass with 13 degrees. That is a record for the date at Embarrass, breaking the old record of 17 back in 1998. However, the observation record for Embarrass is relatively short. 13 degrees is not the coldest temperature seen on October 2nd. That dubious distinction goes to Karlstad in 1974 with a very chilly 9 degrees.


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Last modified: October 3, 2003