Dry July 2005

July 2005 Precipitation Map

Precipitation totals fell short of historical averages across much of Minnesota in July 2005. Combined with high evaporation rates due to warm July temperatures, the precipitation shortfall led to low stream flows and increased wildfire danger in many communities.

July 2005 precipitation totals were less than three inches across much of Minnesota (see map at right), and less than two inches across significant portions of central and northern Minnesota. Monthly rainfall deviated negatively from historical averages by two or more inches in many areas (see map at lower left). Rainfall deficits exceeded three inches in portions of east central and northeastern Minnesota. When compared with other July rainfall totals in the historical database, July 2005 rainfall totals rank among the lowest on record for many areas of central and northern Minnesota (see map at lower right). For those locations depicted on the ranking map as falling below the 5th percentile, only five or fewer of one hundred years in the past recorded less July rain.

July 2005 Precipitation Departure Map July 2005 Precipitation Ranking Map

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