Heavy Rains in Wright County Area - June 21 and June 24, 2002

Heavy rains fell in central Minnesota on June 21 and again on June 24, 2002. Wright, Carver, and Mcleod counties reported urban and agricultural flooding. The heaviest precipitation occurred on Monday, June 24 when six inches of rain fell on portions of southern Wright County. 5.50 inches of rain was reported at Delano of Wright county. The heavy rains on the 24th were only part of the story. Wright county and its neighbors received one to three inches of rain on only three days earlier June 21. The deluge on the 24th exacerbated area flooding. Many basements were inundated, especially in Wright County. Two portions of Highway 25 were closed in the county, as well as a section of Highway 12 between Montrose and the north junction of Highway 25. About one half of a mobile home park in Howard Lake was evacuated due to the rising water.

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