Heavy Rains Over Southern Minnesota:
June 9, 2006


An odd heavy rain event dumped a narrow swath of two to four inches of rain from Redwood to Winona Counties during the evening of June 9. In many counties the rain was welcome and brought ease to a relatively dry June. The intense rain fell in an area over 100 miles long but only a few miles wide. There was one area in particular that had some flash flooding. In Owatonna the Microtel Inns and Suites was flooded with 180 guests evacuated due to the knee deep water on the first floor. The Inn was evacuated by emergency personnel using a pair of inflatable boats until the water receded to complete the evacuation by trucks. The National Weather Service Cooperative Observer in Owatonna reported 4.40 inches of rain with another observer in town reporting 6.30 inches.

Some of the heavier rainfall amounts from other areas included:

4.09 inches in Woodville Township near Waseca in Waseca County.
2.97 at the Southern Research and Outreach Center in Waseca. 
3.70 inches at the Blue Earth Soil and Water Conservation Office in Mankato.
4.53 inches about five miles west of Springfield in Brown County in North Star Township. 
The State Climatology Office thanks the Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the National Weather Service, and all of the diligent volunteer precipitation observers who make analyses of these events possible.

Radar imagery from the Chanhassen National Weather Service depicts the storm rainfall total.


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