Heavy Rains Fall on Southern and Central Minnesota - July 24-25, 1997

Southern and Central Minnesota was once again plagued by extremely heavy July rains. The event began in the evening hours of July 24 in southwestern Minnesota and continued into the morning hours of July 25 in eastern counties. Some of the rains fell upon relatively dry areas in Minnesota's southwestern counties, however much of the rain in central and southeastern counties fell upon already saturated ground leading to the flooding of roadways and other difficulties.

The heaviest reported rainfall totals were four to five inches in northern Lincoln and Lyon counties, portions of Sibley and McLeod counties, and a portion of Goodhue county.

Radar-based precipitation estimates are available for the 24 hour period ending 7 AM, July 25, 1997. The radar-based estimates appear to exceed the ground-based measurements by roughly one half inch to one inch.

A few station-by-station rainfall totals for July 25, 1997 follow:

Canby 2.87          Cannon Falls 4.00    Gaylord 4.20
Granite Falls 3.10  Henderson 3.00       Ivanhoe 3.00
Lamberton 2.00      Marshall 2.65        Mpls/St. Paul 0.48
near Minneota 4.95  Northfield 3.10      Olivia 1.49
Redwood Falls 2.62  Springfield 1.90     St. Peter 1.42
Stewart 4.03        Vesta 2.85           Zumbrota 3.00


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