Some Welcome September Rains:
September 4-5, 2004

Welcome rains fell across a wide swath of Minnesota during the weekend of September 4-5, 2004. Two inches of rain fell north of a line from Ortonville to Forest Lake. A large section of west central to north central Minnesota saw at least three inches of rain. The headwaters of the Mississippi saw some of the most rain with totals exceeding four inches in areas. Some of the largest totals for the week from August 31 to September 7 were 5.30 inches at Marcell in Itasca County including 4.25 inches falling over the weekend. Sabin saw 5.33 inches and Detroit Lakes had 5.14 inches for the week. Places that received less were parts of the Arrowhead, especially Cook County. Southern Minnesota saw lighter rains with around an inch or less, with parts of southeast Minnesota seeing a half inch or less.

Some rivers rebounded from their low levels especially in North Central Minnesota. Compare the Weekly Stream Flow Maps and Tables from August 30 to September 7. The Weekly Precipitation, Departure, and Ranking Map produced for September 7 shows the rainfall for the week of August 31-September 7. There is still a precipitation deficit since April 1 for parts of the Arrowhead and north central Minnesota.


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Last modified: September 10, 2004