SUBJECT: More records about St. Cloud records

       St. Cloud Airport set yet another record high yesterday, our fourth
record in the past 7 days. With another record high quite probable this
afternoon and a sixth one possible before the cold front comes through late
tomorrow, the question is: have we had any similar periods with frequent daily
record highs?
	The last time at least 4 record highs were set in a relatively short
period of time was during February 16-20, 1981. During this time, record
highs of between 53 and 57 were set each of the 5 days. In October 1947,
4 record highs were set and another one was tied in the 8 day span of
the 14th through the 21st. 
	The last time such a period occurred in November or December was in 
December 1939. Between the 6th and the 10th, there were 5 consecutive record 
highs, including 63 on December 6, which is also the warmest December day on
record. After a brief break from the "heat," 4 more record highs were
set between the 15th and the 18th in that same month. This period of 9 record
highs in 13 days is a major reason that December 1939 ranks as the second
warmest December on record.
        Other notable record high streaks include 5 consecutive days with
record highs, ranging from 91 to 105, during May 28-Jun 1, 1934. The longest
record high streak and the hottest period in St. Cloud history is July 5-14,
1936. Each of the ten days had a record high ranging between 98 and 107
degrees, the later of which is the all-time St. Cloud record high temperature.
	Listed below is a summary of the record highs during our current
streak and some others which may fall in the next two days. Note that, for
every day during this period except last Monday, the temperature has been
within two degrees of a record even if it wasn't broken. Also, note that
most of the records in jeopardy have been more than 35 years old:

====            =====================                   ================
Nov. 27               58 new record                          55/1909
Nov. 28               52                                     54/1899
Nov. 29               59 new record                          57/1932
Nov. 30               39                                     57/1922
Dec. 1                61 new record                          58/1962
Dec. 2                59                                     60/1982
Dec. 3                61 new record                          57/1962
Dec. 4             50-55 (forecast high)                     53/1906
Dec. 5             45-50 (forecast high)                     52/1979
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