Warm and Wet September in the Twin Cities


Subject: Warm and wet September in the Twin Cities.

For the Twin Cities, September 2005 was more an extension of summer than the beginning than fall. There were plenty of warm temperatures, including a 90 degree maximum on September 10. If the forecast for Friday, September 30 for the Twin Cities holds true, September 2005 will finish at 66.4 degrees. That is 5.9 degrees above the normal mean of 60.5 and the 11th warmest September on record. Chilly Septembers have been a rarity in recent years. The past three Septembers were well above normal (67.4 in 2004, 62.5 in 2003, 65.5 in 2002).

Does a mild October follow a warm September? In the previous three Septembers, two Octobers were warmer than normal and one was much colder than normal. Looking at the ten warmest Septembers on record, eight of the following Octobers were warmer than normal and only two were cooler than normal.

The summer-like severe weather on September 21 was arguably the most widespread severe weather event to hit the Twin Cities since May 1998. September was also a wet month across the Twin Cities as well as most of Minnesota. At the Twin Cities International Airport, the month finished with 4.44 inches of rain, 1.75 inches above normal. Parts of the northern and western metro area received more rain for the month, including an even ten inches in Fridley and 9.85 inches in Chanhassen. Some places in southern Sherburne County and northeast Wright County received 11 inches of rain for the month. -

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