Warm September, 1998

Warm September of 1998 in Minnesota

Preliminary data from the Midwest Climate Center indicate that
September 1998 was the 4th warmest since 1895 taken as an 
aggregate average from all reporting locations in Minnesota.
The table below summarizes the average temperature and historical
ranking for September by location around the state.

Location        Mean Sept Temp (F)    Historical Rank
MSP                  66.6                  9th
St Cloud             62.9                 14th
Fargo, ND            63.9                  4th
La Crosse, WI        68.9                new record warmth
Winona               68.8                  5th
Waseca               66.9                  3rd
Redwood Falls        67.8                  3rd
Fergus Falls         65.6                new record warmth
Canby                68.7                new record warmth
Morris               65.6                  4th
Willmar              65.7                  4th
Crookston            62.2                  7th

Mark Seeley
Professor and Extension Climatologist
Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
University of Minnesota
St Paul, MN  55108


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