Wet September 2005 - Southern Minnesota

September 2005 Precipitation Map

For the southern one half of Minnesota, the 2005 growing season ended on a very wet note. For many locations in central and southern Minnesota, September 2005 precipitation totals topped seven inches (see map at right). Precipitation totals for some locations in east central Minnesota counties exceeded ten inches for the month.

Precipitation totals across large sections of southern Minnesota were four or more inches above normal for September (see map at lower left). Positive precipitation departures topped six inches in some areas.

When compared with other September rainfall totals in the historical database, September 2005 totals were at or near all-time record high values in some places (see map at lower right). September 2005 rainfall totals ranked above the 90th percentile for the majority of counties south of a Duluth to Moorhead line.

September 2005 Precipitation Departure Map September 2005 Precipitation Ranking Map
September 2005 was notable for its many significant rain events in the southern counties:

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