Wet September 2004

September 2004 Precipitation Map

Minnesota's 2004 growing season was bracketed by extraordinarily wet months at beginning (see: Wet May 2004) and end. The September 2004 statewide area averaged precipitation total for Minnesota was 5.87 inches (preliminary), the third wettest September of the 114 year modern record. For many locations in far southern Minnesota, and in west central and north central counties, precipitation totals for the month topped seven inches (see map at right). Precipitation totals for some locations in the southern tier of Minnesota counties exceeded ten inches in September.

Precipitation totals across large sections of Minnesota were three or more inches above normal for September 2004 (see map at lower left). Positive precipitation departures topped five inches in some areas. In the Mississippi headwaters area, the heavy rains helped to offset the precipitation deficits built up earlier in the year.

When compared with other September rainfall totals in the historical database, September 2004 totals were at or near all-time record high values in some places. (see map at lower right). September 2004 rainfall totals ranked at or above the 99th percentile in many counties. A ranking at the 99th percentile indicates that rainfall totals were at or near all-time record high values in these areas.

September 2004 Precipitation Departure Map September 2004 Precipitation Ranking Map
In the southern tier of counties, September 2004 rainfall totals were dominated by a single episode. Extremely heavy rains on September 14 and 15 produced one of the most significant flash flood events in Minnesota's climate history.

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