Wet Period for Central and East Central Minnesota, 2001-2003

January 1, 2001 - July 21, 2003 Precipitation Departure Map

Last updated: July 21, 2003. The following text and map will be updated as the situation warrants.

As of this writing, water levels in many central and east central Minnesota counties are well above average values. This can be attributed to heavier than average precipitation amounts occuring over a two and one half year period, beginning in 2001. The accompanying map indicates that precipitation totals for the 31-month period have exceeded normal by more than 12 inches over large areas of central and east central Minnesota. Precipitation totals have topped normal by more than 20 inches in some communities within this region. To put this into context, normal ANNUAL precipitation totals for this area range from 27 to 31 inches (normal annual precipitation map). Therefore, some central and east central Minnesota counties have effectively received more than an extra one half year of rain during the period.

Significant events relating to the wet spell:


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