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county township sec Observer Aux ID Net Jul17 Aug17 Sep17 Oct17
Aitkin Pliny s32 MCGRATH 01998 DNR
Aitkin Lakeside s9 ISLE 12N 214103 NWS
Aitkin Spencer s30 AITKIN 210059 NWS
Aitkin Aitkin s26 AITKIN 01993 DNR
Aitkin Haugen s25 WRIGHT 4 219173 NWS
Aitkin Shamrock s16 SANDY LA 01991 DNR
Aitkin Libby s25 SANDY LK 217460 NWS
Aitkin Hill Lake s14 HILL CIT 01989 DNR
Anoka Fridley s3 RUSCHY D 02998 DNR
Anoka Fridley s14   02996 BYRG
Anoka Columbus s6 CARLOS A 02987 DNR
Anoka Columbus s14   02985 BYRG

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