rain gage details

At the start of the 'Backyard Rain Gauge Project' in 1970, the vendor for the 4-inch plastic 'all weather' rain gauge was selected to be 'Lake Region Rehabilitation Industries' in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Today, the Board of Soil and Water Resources (for the Soil and Water Conservation Districts) as well as Future Farmers of America still purchase their gauges from the same company, now called Productive Alternatives. The company can be reached by mail at
Productive Alternatives, Inc. 
1205 North Tower Road 
Fergus Falls, MN 56537 
or by phone at 218-736-5668 for voice or FAX at 218-736-2541. Their email is paiff@prtel.com

State Climatology Office, MNDNR
You can email the State Climatology Office .

Minnesota Volunteer Precipitation Observing Program