Snow Post Construction


Paint top, botton, and edges of the base board with a base coat of primer, then apply one or more coats of exterior white paint.

Place metal flange in center of board, mark screw locations, pre-drill 1/8" holes for screws. Mount flange and paint it white. File tips of screws on bottom of board if desired.
Tighten adaptor piece fully to board. The pvc should in most cases be 48" (a longer piece is OK but longer pieces will wobble more in the wind). Insert the pvc fully into the adaptor piece (glue is not necessary).
Cut paper ruler sheet into strips (along light grey lines). Tape the pieces together alongside a yardstick or other long ruler to keep the new ruler accurate. If you cannot finely adjust the size of the printout of the online image of the paper ruler so that it accurately matches an ordinary ruler, contact the State Climatology Office for an accurate copy. (You may want to use the old but effective LVIEW graphics program to print the ruler.)
Attach paper ruler with small amount of clear tape (so it can be moved) and adjust up or down so that its values read correctly relative to the wood surface (not to the flange top). A helper is useful for this adjustment. When paper ruler is correctly positioned, cover entire length with clear 2" 'packing tape. Take care to seal the edges well to keep any moisture away from the paper.
Push cap onto pvc post to finish the product. Place assembly outside in an unobstructed location. Wait for snow...

State Climatology Office, DNR - Waters, 2003