Top 5 weather events of the 20th Century

#3 1991 Halloween Blizzard

Pumpkins wearing a snowy costume.
Courtesy: Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Across much of eastern Minnesota, trick-or-treaters donned snowmobile suits as snow began to fall during the afternoon of October 31, 1991. This marked the beginning of a major winter storm that pounded the eastern half of Minnesota over a three day period. The storm dropped 28.4 inches of snow on the Twin Cities, setting a single storm record for the metropolitan area. Duluth received 36.9 inches, the largest single storm total in Minnesota history. Southern Minnesota saw an ice storm especially around Albert Lea and Austin. Highway snow removal was hindered by extremely cold temperatures that followed the storm and transportation was hampered for many days. Click on image to the right for a larger labeled line map.
Some of the Twin Cities records that were broken by the 1991 Halloween Blizzard were:

	Event	  			1991	Old Record (1891-1990)
	Most single storm snow total	28.4	20.0 (Jan 22-23 1982)
	24 hour snowfall in any season	21.0	18.5 (January 23, 1982)
	Most snow on October 31		 8.2	  .4 (1954)
	Most snow on November 1		18.5	 3.6 (1941)
	Most snow in October		 8.2	 5.5 (1905)
	Earliest 8 inch snow		 8.2	 8.5 (Nov 8, 1943)
	Earliest autumn below zero low	  -3*	  -1 (Nov 11, 1986)

	All of these records still stand as of 2001.
	*-3 on November 4, 1991

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Last modified: October 18, 2001